Finding suitable premises

The canton of Vaud has at its disposal a wide range of building land and premises suitable for accommodating administrative, commercial or industrial activities at very attractive conditions.

The Development Economic - State of Vaud (DEV) have tools which allow them to identify development sites and available premises as well as unoccupied grounds, industrial sites and specific infrastructures in the whole canton.

It is built on a network of private partners and public or semi-public organisations, including:

Private service providers

Property services in Switzerland are mostly in the hands of the private sector. Numerous agencies are on hand to help you in this field.

The property associations are your first point of contact for all aspects of renting premises. Here are a few links you might find helpful:

  • Association faîtière des régies immobilières (umbrella organisation for estate agencies)
  • CVI (Vaud chamber of estate agents)
  • USPI (Vaud section of the Swiss union of estate agents)

Your partners for building or renovation projects are construction enterprises. Here are a few helpful links:

Regional associations

To help smooth the process, regional associations also are on hand to help companies wanting to establish themselves in the canton to find suitable premises and/or land. They have all the information regarding the procedures involved in setting up a company in the region and the various ways of finding premises that simultaneously serve the interests of the commercial or industrial activity and protect the environment.

The canton's flagship infrastructures include:

Priority development sites

The canton of Vaud encourages the expansion of new activities within the framework of its priority development site programme. This programme consists of 19 zones distributed throughout the canton. Its aim is to provide new companies with high quality land in good strategic locations, at favourable conditions and in full compliance with environmental standards. The priority development sites also offer ready-build premises and partially managed offices for rent. The SELT homepage provides useful information about the premises available in the priority development sites in conjunction with the regional associations.


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