Towns in the countryside

The canton of Vaud offers an exceptional quality of life: spectacular scenery and an intact environment providing the perfect backdrop for sports and leisure; cities of a pleasant size that are perfectly safe; efficient infrastructure and a rich cultural life. Distances are short, and the means of communication well developed, which makes it easy to live out in the country and work in town.

The habitat is extremely diverse, varying between city, countryside, lakes and mountains (see also “Regions and diversity”). The accommodation market remains affordable, with the amount of available housing, which has been restricted in recent years, tending to rise. Construction loans are available on advantageous terms.

Respect for the environment and sustainable development are top priorities for the canton de Vaud and the city of Lausanne, its capital. Lausanne has followed Agenda 21, a programme of sustainable development, since 2000 in all areas of municipal activity with a view to enhancing the quality of life for the city’s inhabitants and its guests.

For the last ten years, Switzerland has headed the recycling league tables in Europe for glass, paper and cardboard. Its emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide have been among the lowest in the world during the same period.

Cutting edge small and medium-sized enterprises in the canton of Vaud depend more on grey matter than fossil fuels. They generate more high value-adding products and services than they do waste and pollution. Most of the power consumed by private households and enterprises comes from natural, renewable sources: electrical power generated by dams.

The lakes and beaches in the canton of Vaud are monitored and clean, meaning they can safely be used for swimming, sailing, windsurfing and fishing. The mountains similarly provide a protected natural environment that is ideal for hiking, mountain-biking or paragliding, or skiing and snowshoe-walking in winter.


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