The canton of Vaud maintains a power supply that is reliable, competitive and sustainable. It generates more than a billion kWh of electrical energy on its territory. Western Switzerland produces a large amount of hydroelectric power (32.8 billion kWh out of total output of 57.9 billion kWh in 2005), some of which is exported. Switzerland as a whole exported 40.7 billion kWh in 2005.

Its petroleum products are transported by pipeline (41.8%), by river transport on the Rhine (27.1%), by rail (23.8%) and by road (7.3%).

Switzerland enjoys an abundance of water, which explains why some people call it Europe’s water tower. It has 6% of Europe’s reserves of fresh water. Swiss water distributors produce 1 billion cubic metres of water each year, which is the equivalent of one cube of water with sides one kilometre long. The quantity of renewable water per person per year in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world.


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