Geneva International Airport is a mere 40 minutes (65 km) from Lausanne, the capital of the canton of Vaud. It has direct flights to 85 destinations and serves the main airline hubs around the world. Low-cost airlines like easyJet, FlyBaboo and Virgin Express offer extremely low fares on routes to major European cities (starting from SFr50.-). Vaud also has three regional airports, in Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains and Payerne (in the northeast of the canton), all of which are equipped to handle business jets and cargo planes.


The first motorway in Switzerland was built between Geneva and Lausanne. Vaud has a dense and modern network of highways and motorways that make it possible to reach any town or city Switzerland quickly and easily: Lausanne is just forty minutes or so on the motorway from Geneva, one hour from Berne, or two hours from Basel and Zurich.


Switzerland has one of the densest rail networks in the world. Its trains are famous for their punctuality (97% are on time) and are extremely comfortable. High speed trains connect Lausanne with several major European cities: Paris (TGV, 3 hours 40), Milan (Cisalpino, 3 hours 10), Stuttgart and Frankfurt (ICE, 5 hours). The main towns in the canton of Vaud can be reached quickly and easily by train, as can the main cities in Switzerland. Geneva is just thirty minutes away, Berne one hour, Basel and Zurich two hours. The main services offer business compartments complete with desk and power outlet. Panoramic trains run to the main tourist destinations in the Alps.


There is direct access by river from Basel (2 hours by road or rail) to the biggest port in the world, Rotterdam. Beautiful paddle steamers, some of which date back to the start of the 20th century, ply their way across Lake Geneva to link the main towns and cities on the Swiss and French shorelines in a fashion that is both fast and enjoyable.


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