Western Vaud

Western Vaud hugs the shoreline of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva. This region of 150,000 inhabitants is where the towns of Morges, Rolle, Gland and Nyon are relocated. None of the towns are more than 30 minutes by car from Geneva International Airport, and it can be reached in about ten minutes from Nyon.

The proximity of the airport and the presence of highly qualified professionals have attracted plenty of international companies and associations to this region. The culture is extremely cosmopolitan. It plays host to numerous private schools that provide education in both English and French. The region also benefits from a workforce of people who live in France but cross the border to work in Switzerland every day.

Biomedical companies are particularly numerous in this area. Ferring Pharmaceuticals has set up its European headquarters and a production facility at St-Prex. Medtronic Europe, for example, has its head office in Tolochenaz/Morges. Other companies in this field are US Robotics/3Com, Beckman Coulter, Allcom, EMS Electromedical Systems and Haemonetics.

Western Vaud is also very rich in multinationals that have set up their international or European head office here, such as Cisco, Honeywell, Eaton and Nissan International.  

There are also numerous international associations based here. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the International Motorcycling Federation and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have their headquarters here.

Western Vaud also features numerous sports and leisure activities, top class restaurants and magnificent vineyards.


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