Trade and cultural mission from Vaud visits Moscow


A delegation from the canton Vaud has accepted an invitation from the Swiss Embassy in Moscow to visit the Russian capital from September 13 to 16. This delegation consists of dignitaries from the State Council and the Municipality of Lausanne together with business, academic, sporting and cultural representatives from the canton.

The purpose of the event is to promote commercial links with Russia and to highlight the canton's assets in terms of education and tourism. A cultural programme will similarly give Muscovites an insight into the development of Vaud.

A strong delegation

The delegation from the canton of Vaud follows in the footsteps of similar groups visiting Moscow from Valais in 2005, Geneva in 2006 and Zurich in 2007. The Vaud team consists of some 120 people, including Pascal Broulis, the president of the State Council, State Councillor Anne-Catherine Lyon, State Councillor Jean-Claude Mermoud, member of the Council of States Géraldine Savary and Daniel Brélaz, the property manager of the City of Lausanne.

The delegation also includes executives from institutions like CHUV, UNIL, EPFL, IMD, CIO, UEFA, DEV, OTV, CVCI and the Centre patronal. In addition, numerous representatives of the private sector are involved in the visit.

Official and trade meetings

The delegation from Vaud will meet with representatives of the Duma, the Moscow mayor's office and its technical university, as well as Russian economic associations. Various forums bringing together entrepreneurs from the two countries, universities and business promotion agencies will be held in the centre of Moscow. A seminar introducing Vaud-based SMEs to the Russian market will take place as part of the programme.

Cultural and sporting links

Given the historical ties between the two, Vaud is highlighting cultural links during the various meetings. The canton is recalling Frédéric-César de Laharpe and Pierre Gilliard who was the tsar's tutor, as well as the numerous Russian exiles who emigrated to Vaud after the Revolution of 1917. A historical symposium and a photographic exhibition organised by the Musée de l'Elysée have been arranged. On the sporting front, the Olympic capital Lausanne is looking to reinforce its ties with Moscow, which hosted the Summer Olympics, and Sochi, which is preparing to stage the Winter Olympics.

Additional information
  • Department of Finance and External Relations, Vincent Grandjean, Chancellor of the Canton of Vaud, 021 316-4040, or 079 210-8409 during the visit
  • Lionel Eperon, Head of the Business, Accommodation and Tourism Agency, 021 316-6398, or 079 336-0434 during the visit