Your business, Swiss Made

Swiss Made: a world-famous label that sums up the quality of products created by Swiss enterprise. A quality born of an environment that is particularly favourable to smooth business activities.

Could your company also benefit from the quality of a Swiss Made environment in the canton of Vaud?

A growing number of international companies are choosing Switzerland and the canton of Vaud as a base for developing their operations in Europe. Switzerland is by far the most popular choice as a location for European or global headquarters. According to a study carried out by international management consultants Ernst & Young (Swiss Attractiveness Survey 2006 - pdf), 45% of decision-makers made Switzerland their first choice, way ahead of the UK in second place with 19.4%.

What’s more, companies that have chosen to set up shop in Switzerland have not regretted it: 74% of them are considering setting up more operations or extending their existing operations in Switzerland.


  • Unemployment rate : 4.9 % (2014)
  • VAT : 8%, the lowest rate in Europe
  • Working hours : 40 - 42 hours per week
  • More than 400 financial institutions and 150 foreign banks based in Switzerland