Plenty of space for your plans

The canton of Vaud has a large stock of:

  • building land,
  • premises suitable for accommodating your administrative, commercial and industrial activities, and
  • villas and apartments for housing employees and their families. 

All on beneficial terms.

The private property market is extremely dynamic, which increases the availability of desirable accommodation. All the services you might need have been pooled at a single site ( in order to increase the scope on offer.

The canton has several business centres in its main towns and a World Trade Centre in Lausanne. There are also a number of technology parks and business incubators.

Non-Swiss companies and individuals are allowed to buy land and buildings not only for industrial, commercial or service use but also for private accommodation.

The authorities in the canton of Vaud can assist companies and private individuals in all the steps involved in buying land, business premises or housing, particularly with regard to the administrative and legal aspects. These are largely similar to those applicable in the European Union, protecting the interests of the commercial or industrial activity at the same time as those of the environment, which is an issue taken very seriously in the canton of Vaud.

Location of the science and technology parks, incubators and strategic sites (priority development sites)

A. EPFL Innovation Park

B. Yverdon Science and Technology Park (Y-Parc)

C. Biopôle (Life Science)

D. Aeropôle (Payerne Airport - aeronautics)

E. Sainte-Croix Microwelding Technology Center

F. Orbe Greentech Center (energy and environmental technology)

G. SwissMedia Centers (electronic media and ICT)

H. Ateliers de la Ville de Renens (design and technology)

1 to 19. Strategic sites (priority development sites)

For a number of years, the canton of Vaud has actively pursued a policy of developing strategic sites. There are 19 such locations (also known as priority development sites) situated throughout the canton. These sites provide premises that are furnished, approved, and quick and easy for companies to occupy.


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