The world’s school

In Switzerland, and in the Lake Geneva region in particular, the private school enjoys a long tradition and a reputation for excellence, almost on a par with the private bank! Famously Le Rosey in Rolle has been one of the most prestigious private schools in the world since 1880.

The canton of Vaud has almost 50 private schools welcoming children and students as borders or day pupils.

These schools often have an international flavour, enabling students to follow curriculums from different countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, the United States) in the appropriate language. The programmes range from infant school and top level education to vocational training, languages, evening classes and summer schools, and continuing education. The diplomas that are awarded are recognised everywhere.

The fees for private education in the canton of Vaud are extremely competitive by international standards in terms of what you get for your money. In most of the institutions, they vary between $7,000 and 14,000 per year, depending on the age of the child.


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