Spas: the health-bringing waters

Want to relax? The canton of Vaud boasts several wellness centres and two magnificent spa complexes: Lavey-les-Bains has been fully renovated as a complete wellness centre; and Yverdon-les-Bains, whose the hot springs were discovered way back in Roman times and which today hosts a rehabilitation and wellness complex.

The first, set amid a superb mountain panorama, has the hottest thermal waters in Switzerland, at up to 36°. Its open-air pools provide for a magical experience, especially in winter. It has one large hotel offering all-inclusive deals.

Situated down in the plane, Yverdon-les-Bains has large indoor and open-air pools where bathers can enjoy the benefits of sulphurous thermal water at 29° as their forefathers have done since the Middle Ages. Its health centre offers everything from massages to rheumatology and physiotherapy.

They are both ideal ways to upgrade a stay in the region or take a break to regenerate after a week at work, or even to enjoy a therapeutic wellness course lasting several days.

What’s more, the big hotels in the region have facilities to help their guests relax in magnificent spas and health centres.




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