Lausanne, Olympic capital

Lausanne is fiercely proud of its title of Olympic capital. Ever since 1915, it has played host to the International Olympic Committee, the supreme authority of the Olympic movement.

Its function is to promote top level sport as well as sport for all, in accordance with the Olympic Charter. It ensures that the Olympic Games are celebrated regularly every four years, and also uses all the means it its disposal to promote women in sport, uphold sporting ethics and protect athletes.

The IOC consists of a maximum of 115 members, who meet in session at least once a year and who elect a president for a period of eight years and an Executive Board for four years.

Lausanne is similarly home to the Olympic Museum, a symbol of the union of sport, art and culture. In addition to its permanent displays, it stages exhibitions, events, shows, seminars, conferences and concerts in a magnificent setting overlooking the lake. It also features an Olympic shop and an excellent panorama restaurant.