Your turn to play!

The canton of Vaud is more than just the cradle of Olympic and international sport: it’s a fabulous sports arena where you can play a huge range fascinating sports. Aquatic sports on its lakes, open air sports in the countryside or the mountains, indoor sports throughout the year. Not to mention winter sports in the mountains!

More than 1'380 highly diverse sports clubs and associations support a wide range of sporting activities across the whole of the canton. Unlike in other countries, these sporting associations are not linked to the school or university system, so they are open to anyone, no matter what their age or ability level. There are more than 55 different sports on offer, from swimming, billiards and athletics to judo and riding.

Lausanne and most of Vaud’s towns have modern sporting facilities – sports centres, ice rinks, indoor swimming pools, golf courses – enabling everyone to try out and enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.