A springboard for your project

Any and every company project needs a fertile ground in which to take root and grow. The canton of Vaud boasts several business incubators providing offices, laboratories, services and an environment conducive to starting up new companies, as well as technology parks and several organisations that offer advice and support for people wanting to set up their own business.

The most important business incubator is the EPFL Innovation Park (EIP), on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). Among science parks, the Y-Parc in Yverdon was the pioneer in Switzerland, now housing somewhere around sixty high-tech companies.

Moreover, Biopôle SA, situated on the communes of Lausanne and Epalinges, has started the construction of a site entirely dedicated to welcome companies active in the areas of biotechnology and health technologies, the Biopôle.

Location of the science and technology parks, incubators and strategic sites (priority development sites)

A. EPFL Innovation Park

B. Yverdon Science and Technology Park (Y-Parc)

C. Biopôle (Life Science)

D. Aeropôle (Payerne Airport - aeronautics)

E. Sainte-Croix Microwelding Technology Center

F. Orbe Greentech Center (energy and environmental technology)

G. SwissMedia Centers (electronic media and ICT)

H. Ateliers de la Ville de Renens (design and technology)

1 to 19. Strategic sites (priority development sites)

For a number of years, the canton of Vaud has actively pursued a policy of developing strategic sites. There are 19 such locations (also known as priority development sites) situated throughout the canton. These sites provide premises that are furnished, approved, and quick and easy for companies to occupy.