Power and environmental technologies

Renewable energy, solar energy, biomass, bio-diesel, bio-gas, water purification, thermal engineering, hydraulics: all future-looking sectors in which the canton of Vaud boasts cutting edge capabilities, both academic and applied. The research and education centres notably at the EPFL (sciences and environmental engineering section) and the ecotechnology section of Vaud School of Business and Engineering (HEIG-VD), produce top-drawer knowledge and specialists.

Numerous Vaud-based companies operating in the power and environmental sectors are affiliated with the Swiss competence networks energie-cluster.ch and ader.ch (renewable energy). The canton of Vaud also has a technology centre specialising in power and the environment: the Orbe Environmental Technology Centre, which focuses mainly on renewable energy.


Energy and Environmental Technologies Cluster of Western Switzerland

Promotion of enterprises and research institutions in western Switzerland active in the field of energy and environmental technologies (cleantech).



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