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The canton of Vaud is particularly conducive to the birth of start-up.

The most famous companies set up in the canton are: Logitech, currently the world leader in computer peripherals, based in Romanel-sur-Morges; and Nespresso, which spreads its network of quality coffee machines and coffee capsules throughout the world from Paudex near Lausanne, Orbe and soon Avenches.

Something like 900 new companies are created every year in the canton of Vaud, a dozen or so of which are start-ups in high tech fields. The Science Park Ecublens (PSE), close to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), houses no less than a hundred high-tech companies operating notably in life sciences, information and communication technologies, robotics, nanotechnology and microsystems. Yverdon Science and Technology Park (Y-Parc) also plays host to a hundred or so companies.

Project backers in the canton of Vaud benefit from a major network of finance (public and private venture capital), infrastructure (technical parks and business incubators), technology transfer services, support programmes, free coaching and assistance to set up and make a success of their enterprise.

Consequently, the success rate for start-up set up in the canton of Vaud is particularly high.

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