Financial incentives from the Canton of Vaud

The Canton of Vaud provides direct financial incentives to companies operating in industry, production-related services and leading edge technologies. They are made available by the Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo).

These incentives are intended to help the creation and establishment of companies, as well as the development of SMEs and start-ups based in the canton  for their innovation, growing and internationalisation projects.

The following assistance is available :

Investment support

By issuing guarantees for bank loans, the canton encourages the implementation of large-scale industrial projects and promotes both innovation and job creation. The guarantee underwrites an investment loan granted by a bank or other lender (insurer, financial company, pension fund). This assistance may be supplemented by coverage for interest payments.

Besides guarantees, further assistance is available in the form of coverage for interest payments, depending on criteria related to the project (nature, cost, financing, etc.) and the geographical location of the requesting party. The partial coverage of interest may be granted independently of any guarantee.

Innovation support
Commercialisation and internationalisation support
Training support
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