Drawing up a business plan

"Business plan", "development plan" and "company plan" are all terms used to describe the essential tool that enables a budding entrepreneur to elaborate and outline the means with which he intends to implement a commercial concept. The business plan is a basic planning instrument equally helpful for internal purposes to guide the company's development and for use with the company's external partners.

The business plan enables the entrepreneur to analyse and evaluate his project, to identify any existing or foreseeable obstacles and constraints, and to find solutions. It obliges him to take a step back, check the feasibility of the project and adopt whatever measures become necessary. It also allows him to direct the company in line with the expected results and adapt his strategy to achieve them.

As for possible partners, such as investors, bankers or public administrators, they will generally read the business plan before even meeting the person initiating the project.

Drawing up a sound business plan is often a complex task. Several organisations have been set up in the canton of Vaud to help budding entrepreneurs do this to best effe



The mission of Genilem is to support and advise start-ups in innovative fields. It offers initial free advice and then, after a selection process, a personalized support during 3 years.

Venturelab - start-up training


The mission of venturelab is to offer free practical courses aimed at sensitising students and fostering individual start-up projects in high-tech fields.

EPFL Innovation Park (EIP)


EPFL Innovation Park a venue for exchanges and meetings between the scientific research sector and companies. It also aims to support start-up in their first workplace and act for a powerful growth.

CTI - Start-up Programme


The CTI Start-up programme offers help for creating and developing start-ups with potentially strong growth by providing entrepreneurs with a dedicated programme of support and coaching.


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