Support organisations

Structures providing entrepreneurial back-up and support have been specifically set up to assist people who are looking to start their own business. To help them implement their project in the best possible conditions, entrepreneurs can call upon the following business promotion organisations.

Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo) (currently in French only)

The Office for Economic Affairs (SPECo) has been tasked with providing support to start-ups and SMEs in the canton of Vaud, focusing on those operating in industry, production-related services and leading-edge technologies.

SPECo is also able to provide financial incentives to SMEs  and start-up companies established in the canton of Vaud.

SPECo also acts as a first point of contact for business people looking for help in their dealings with the cantonal administration.

Finally, SPECo directs entrepreneurs with specific interests towards organisations capable of meeting their needs (advice, financing, technical support, and so on).

Development economic - State of Vaud (DEV)

DEV is the Foreign Direct Investment Agency tasked by the State of Vaud with supporting foreign enterprises become established in the canton.

The services provided by the DEV development agency are highly diverse, covering everything from finding facilities and sites to obtaining work permits, answering tax questions, connecting businesses and finding business partners.

Regional economic development associations (CODEV) (currently in french only)

The regional economic development associations are local platforms helping companies settle and thrive in the region. Their members are private players and the municipalities that provide most of their financing.

These local structures provide information services, guidance, advice and support in the fields of economic promotion and the creation and development of enterprises. Their role is to assist business people in their dealings with the cantonal and municipal as well as to direct entrepreneurs with specific interests towards organisations capable of meeting their needs.

There are a total of 11 regional economic development associations. Their activities are coordinated by the Vaud Economic Development Coordination Agency (CODEV).

Network of partners

These agencies are built on a network of organisations offering targeted services in various fields, including starting up and coaching, office rental and land sales, technology transfer, finance, and so on.

Please refer to the publication opposite to get more information about these support organisations.