Civil protection

Switzerland enjoys a very high level of safety and security. The crime rate is extremely low, and several state organisations work to ensure the safety and security of the population in the event of disaster or emergency:

Police (emergency no.: 117)

In the context of the civil protection system, the police are responsible for maintaining public security and order in crisis and disaster situations. Police matters are regulated by the cantons. The relevant tasks are carried out by cantonal and communal police services.

Fire service (emergency no.: 118)

The fire services' mission involves several tasks: rescue, general damage protection, fire-fighting and coping with other natural hazards. They also handle oil spills, and chemical and radiation accidents. Fire services are under cantonal jurisdiction.

Health services

The health services, including the paramedic rescue services, ensure the medical care of the population and the other emergency services. In addition to the professional services (e.g. the police medical teams), there are also many volunteers, such as Samaritans. The Coordinated Medical Services strive to ensure a certain degree of standardisation in terms of preparations and measures for major incidents.

Technical services

Technical services as part of civil protection ensure that the electricity, water and gas supply, waste disposal, transport and communications function normally, or are made operational through emergency measures. These services are generally provided by the municipality where you live.

Civil defence

Civil defence is responsible for protective structures, the means of alerting the population, providing support and care for those needing shelter, and for protecting cultural heritage.