Land and construction

Do you dream of building your own home in the canton of Vaud? Anyone in Switzerland holding an A or B permit (see "Residence and work permits") is allowed to buy or build a principal or second residence. Estate agents, architect offices and notaries can help smooth the process for you (see the directory for your region).

Here is some important information:

Zoning plan

Building plans are checked against the zoning plan of the municipality involved, which, among other things, identifies building zones and zones where construction is not permitted. The zoning plan sets restrictions for the owners of property regarding the uses to which the land may be put and to what extent in the different zones. The zoning plan distinguishes between agricultural zones, building zones and protected zones. To find out more and to obtain a building permit, please contact your municipality.

Building permits

A building permit is granted if the building project complies with the relevant federal, cantonal and local regulations. Above all else, the project must comply with the municipality's zoning plan and meet the legal requirements regarding construction, environmental protection (water, air, rubbish, noise), public health and safety.

Applying for building permits

The application for a building permit must be submitted to the municipal administration, which forwards it to the relevant cantonal authorities if needs be. The application form for a building permit lists the information and documentation that needs to be included with the application. After examining the project, the authorities notify the applicant of their decision. The decision explains the applicable procedure and deadline for contesting the decision.