Registering with the municipality

You have a period of eight days from the date when you officially cross the border with your personal belongings in which to register with the registration office in the municipality where you now reside. Apart from anything else, your registration needs to be completed before your first day of work.

You similarly need to inform your municipality when you leave, either for another country or for another municipality in Switzerland, which similarly needs to be notified of your arrival within eight days.

Required documents
  • valid identity papers (for yourself and each member of your family)
  • a current certificate of your health insurance demonstrating that you have basic cover
  • a passport-sized photo (for yourself and every member of your family)
  • personal documentation (e.g. family book, marriage certificate, birth certificates for children under the age of 18, etc.)
  • your employment contract

For all municipalities, you will find the address of the relevant office using the following search engine (available in several languages).


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