Finding employment

What's the best way to find a job?

There are several different ways to find a job in the canton of Vaud, including:

If you are an apprentice, the homepage of the Vaud Department of Education and Youth offers an exchange for apprenticeships and first jobs (

If you are a student, the site offers an information platform, placements and first jobs, and has student employment opportunities.

Non-Swiss nationals wishing to work in Switzerland are required to obtain a work permit (please refer to "Work permits"). This can be requested by the employer, provided the relevant conditions are met.

Content of an application file

When you apply for a job in Switzerland, you will normally submit an application file comprising:

  • a cover letter
  • a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • copies of your work experience certificates
  • copies of your graduation or apprenticeship certificates
  • copies of your ongoing training diplomas or certificates

The homepage of the Swiss Directorate of Labour (SECO) provides plenty of advice for people looking for work, information on the regional employment centres (ORP) and plenty of situations vacant.