copyright Toru Hiraiwa

Gil Roman
Artistic Director
Béjart Ballet Lausanne

"The arrival of the Béjart ballet company in the Canton of Vaud in July 1987 was a small miracle.  In two months, the authorities of both Lausanne and the canton of Vaud had arranged everything for us.  This allowed us to accomplish our move during the summer with no change in our program."

"Today, as we prepare to celebrate our 25 years in the Olympic capital, we are well integrated into the economic fabric of Vaud."

"We are an international dance company that travels throughout the year, worldwide, for our performances.  So when we return home, we are very happy to find our lake, our countryside, and our city, all of which are superb!"

"We are very committed to this region partly because the quality of life we enjoy is very attractive and, secondly, because Lausanne and the Vaud region have rich cultural offerings in all areas: theatres, concerts, opera, museums, cinemas, and festivals of all kinds…. Importantly for us, we also enjoy great artistic freedom, which is essential for the proper functioning of our troupe."