Giuseppe Pantaleo
Head of the immunology and allergy group
Director of the AIDS research lab
Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)

"The quality of the care and the research at the University Hospital are certainly among the very best by international standards. Our AIDS research and clinical studies centre received 15 million dollars from the Gates Foundation in 2006, and in January 2007 it became the first centre in Europe to be recognised and subsidised by the American National Institute of Health."

What is it that attracted you to Lausanne after such a brilliant career in Italy and the United States?

"I was convinced that Lausanne was the place where I could best pursue my career as a doctor and researcher. After ten years here, I can say I was right. The University Hospital has a unique infrastructure, research programmes and concentration of scientists, which provides huge opportunities and a very high level of quality in care and research."

What do you think are the factors that encourage the excellence of the care and research at the University Hospital?

"The University Hospital did pioneering work by establishing a quality management system which today provides excellent results. The proximity of the Swiss Federal Institute and the research institutions in Epalinges and the University of Lausanne yields a unique diversity and scientific concentration. It is essential to understand that academic and research activities have a direct impact on the quality of the care we provide."