Jean Plé
Symbios Orthopédie

“We were able to find excellent sub-contractors here who could meet our many highly specialized, precision manufacturing requirements.  People here are very conscious of quality and reliability.  There is a real sub-culture of quality orientation in this region.”

“Our company is the global pioneer of custom-designed hip replacement, which was a novel idea when we began.  One reason we chose to establish our business here in the Canton of Vaud was the attraction of a reasonable and straight-forward regulatory environment.”

“The Canton of Vaud has long and strong work traditions with roots in the Swiss watch industry.  The professionals here with detailed mechanical know-how provide an invaluable base of employees and sub-contractors.”

“The many conscientious and competent people here are perfectly suited for a participative management approach to technical innovation and problem solving.  The business climate and quality of life here are both excellent, and they are both rest upon the quality of the people.”