Michel Pettigrew
Chief Operating Officer
Ferring International

“The region of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud are home to an excellent pharmaceutical infrastructure that is vital to a future in which we see a convergence of electronics, drug technology platforms, nanoparticle research, and biotechnology.”

“The local authorities have all been very keen to help us find solutions.  For example, they were supportive in our negotiations with local landowners and in our efforts to keep our construction on schedule.”

“When we decided several years ago to move our international headquarters here from Denmark, we offered 41 of our employees in Copenhagen the opportunity to move here with us; 38 accepted, and almost all of them are still here with us.”

“Running a multinational business here is a pleasure.  The government does not overly involve itself with our affairs.  There is a great pool of high quality workers, and we have no difficulty in recruiting high level specialists from all over the world to live and work here.  It will be easy for us to continue our steady global growth from our headquarters in Vaud.”

“The younger generation is more demanding of a high quality of life….and they find it here in Vaud.  The region is safe and secure.  The countryside is lovely.  Recreational opportunities abound.  Transportation here is easy.  There is so much well developed cultural richness here in a very international atmosphere.”