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Michel Rochat
École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

“In our field of international hospitality management, we seek to develop an ideal of service, a focus on detail, and an ambition to provide the right service at the right moment.  It’s clear to me that the cultural traditions of Switzerland help us enormously in advancing these goals.”

“As the first hotel school in the world, we benefit greatly from the global image of Switzerland as a nation dedicated to quality, efficiency, and security.”

“The authorities here in the Canton of Vaud are innovative and entrepreneurship oriented.  They have been consistently helpful to us.”

“Our location is unique.  The quality of life here is among the best in the world.  People here are cosmopolitan, they travel a great deal, they are multi-lingual, and their work skills are very high.”

“Our school has doubled in size over the last generation.  We now have students and faculty here from 88 countries around the world.  The openness and diversity of our neighbors in the Canton of Vaud are vital elements in making our own people feel comfortable.”