“We have been growing in this region since 1909.  We have long maintained a close relationship with the local authorities, with whom we’ve always freely exchanged information.  Our transparent relations with them build trust and support for our future projects.”

“I am not originally from Switzerland, but I found that the local commercial groups were very important and helpful in my own integration.”

“One of our company mottos is ‘A taste for balance.’  Managers today have this taste for balance between their professional and personal lives.  The Canton of Vaud is perfect for that.  It is a marvelous place to live.”

“Our region offers many fascinating aspects, rather like the layers of a fancy pastry, or even one of our own products—an onion!  The scenery, the climate and the people all contribute to a high quality of life.”

“The diversity of the work force is important to us.  People here are dedicated and proud of their work.  They blend a real joy of living with serious effort.  Our labor relations are very positive, open, and transparent.”

“We have professional staff in subsidiaries in several other countries.  The well-deserved image of Swiss reliability is a major factor in making them proud to represent a Swiss firm.”