Yves Emery
Lyncée TEC

“Our digital holographic microscope systems combine nanometric resolution with real-time, non-invasive three dimensional observation.  These require leading edge research and development work that has dovetailed perfectly with the superb skills, traditions and work ethics in the Swiss microtechnology industry.”

“Our affiliations with the University of Lausanne and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have been central in supplying us with the bright and passionate people on whom our breakthroughs and accomplishments depend.”

“We owe a great deal of our business success to the focus on quality control in the Swiss precision manufacturing and electronics industries.  I am constantly amazed at the reliable, high quality material and parts we receive from our local suppliers.”

“The local authorities have been most helpful in advancing the region’s economic tissue from which we have been able to thrive in global markets.”

“Our customers’ robust images of Swiss quality and stability are continually reinforced by the comparisons they experience in their global travel.”