VAUD AMBASSADEUR and VAUD CERTIFIÉ D’ICI enhance the canton of Vaud’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, expertise, and excellence. They are a guarantee of quality and are the pride of the canton.

Two labels as guarantors of Vaudois excellence

©Schweiz Tourismus / Rob Lewis Photography
  • The VAUD AMBASSADEUR label brings together a community of companies that have been labelled around 23 criteria. These institutions embody Vaudois excellence and make a significant contribution to the canton.
  • The VAUD CERTIFIÉ D’ICI label comprises more than 1,600 Vaudois products grown or developed with state-of-the-art methods. These products are a guarantee of expertise and traceability.

Taken individually, what we offer is excellent, taken collectively, what we are is exceptional!

Florence Renggli, Director of Vaud Promotion