Discover our canton’s truly uniqueness through this label

To highlight Vaudois innovation and expertise


Launched in 2022, the VAUD AMBASSADEUR community brings together Vaudois companies, producers, and entrepreneurs. Its ambition? To develop innovative synergies and create a dynamic environment for encounters and development opportunities.

Labelled on the basis of 23 criteria, this community interacts, expands, and proudly displays the colours of the VAUD brand. We share common values that embody Vaudois excellence. We therefore contribute to the canton’s identity and reputation.


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Why join us?

  • Because together, we are stronger
  • What are my benefits ?
  • How do I get certified ?

We will take you onto a larger venture than your own, offering you increased visibility under a shared label that is based on the notions of respect, ethics, and sustainability. This enables you to stand out in a competitive world and remain dynamic.

To contribute to the attractiveness of the canton

By highlighting and certifying our talents, we make the region more attractive. The VAUD AMBASSADEUR label guarantees Vaudois excellence. A specialised company conducts the relevant process, performing an audit essentially on the basis of sustainability principles.

Increased visibility:

  • Presented on our various communication channels (social networks, website, general public newsletter) as well as campaigns
  • The use of the VAUD AMBASSADEUR label is a pledge of Vaudois excellence in your communications
  • Get partnership opportunities

Information sharing:

  • Attend VAUD AMBASSADEUR events
  • Benefit from an exchange platform and a network of best practices

Our aim was a serious, yet simple certification process in a few steps. Write us an email.

After a first contact, all you need to do is complete the following steps :

  • Register your company details online and create your login to access the criteria
  • Provide a sworn statement, certifying that the company is not involved in any lawsuits
  • Approval of the company’s admission to the labelling process and a self-assessment
  • Admission to the labelling process and collection of your company information by the sustainable SME company (independent expert)
  • Approval (provided all goes well!) of your label. We will celebrate your admission to our label together.
  • Meet and discuss your needs and the communication required to announce your entry into the network

Terms and conditions

To obtain the VAUD AMBASSADEUR brand label for three years, the costs of the start when the company enters the labelling process (audit by the independent expert, PME Durable) and are as follows:

Company size 1 to 30 FTE (full-time equivalent)
Cost of certification: CHF 1,800 to 2,000
Costs to be borne by the organisation: CHF 200 to 600
Number of meetings: 1 two-hour meeting

Company size 31 to 500 FTE
Cost of certification: CHF 2,400 to 3,100*
Costs to be borne by the organisation: CHF 1,800 to 2,500 CHF*
Number of meetings: 1 two-hour meeting

Company size : 501 or more FTE
Cost of certification: CHF 4,000*
Costs borne by the organisation: CHF 4,000*
Number of meetings: 2 two-hour meetings

*Important note: These amounts are for non-certified organisations (ISO 9001&14001, Ecoenterprise, B Corp, etc.). Companies that have already been certified benefit from lower amounts.