Sustainability is at the heart of the promotion strategy of the canton of Vaud. Featuring lakes, mountains, cities and countryside, the canton boasts many assets that tourism professionals are keen to preserve in order to continue shining a light on their heritage both in Switzerland and abroad.

VAUD is committed to sustainability

Lac des Chavonnes a Bretaye
Sebastian Trevissick

A strategy and sustainable tourism

Convinced of the need for a collective commitment to sustainable development, Vaud Promotion – the promotion body of the canton of Vaud – has embarked on this path.

In 2009, we signed the Sustainable Development Charter of Swiss Tourism. This commitment has been strengthened over time, particularly with the implementation – as early as 2022 – of the new multisectoral strategy. Our goal is to promote the many facets of the canton as well as its sustainable efforts. In addition, we actively participate in the deployment of the Swisstainable programme in Vaud. As such, Vaud Promotion has been EcoEntreprise certified since 2012 and has the “Level III – Leading” of the Swisstainable programme.  

The issues of economic, societal and environmental sustainability are at the core of obtaining our two labels that promote excellence in Vaud: VAUD CERTIFIÉ D’ICI and VAUD AMBASSADEUR.

La durabilité dans le Canton de Vaud, une priorité
Switzerland Tourism/Lorenz Richard

A few examples of our actions at Vaud Promotion

Our partners

What is sustainable tourism?

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) defines as sustainable “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”.