Are you looking for an authentic region to explore? Are you into culture, thrills and innovation to make you feel more alive? Welcome to the Canton of Vaud!

Cultivating the art of living, Vaudois style

©Jonathan Viey

An exceptional setting where everyone can find fulfilment 

Anyone who stays at least once in the canton of Vaud will notice a unique way of life that combines everything possible to find fulfilment.

  • The stunningly beautiful and highly diverse landscapes will touch your heart: Losing your  gaze in Lake Geneva or strolling through vineyards or alpine pastures creates a strong, lifelong attachment of enchantment and bliss.
  • By exploring the entire region, you will be amazed by the Vaudois gastronomy, the rich cultural offer, the anchorage of several sports federations, access to prestigious schools, and all the countless other assets.

  • Vaudois expertise certified by two labels
  • Innovation and health
  • An exceptional canton that cultivates good living and good life

With two labels that embody Vaudois quality, the canton of Vaud focuses on local companies and products that contribute to the canton’s national and international reputation.

  • The VAUD AMBASSADEUR label brings together companies and institutions that promote and defend fundamental values such as respect, ethics, and sustainability. These values are at the core of Vaudois excellence.
  • The VAUD CERTIFIÉ D’ICI label  guarantees the proximity, authenticity, traceability, and quality of more than 1,600 Vaud products grown or made by enthusiasts.

Quite simply: Vaud stands for the commitment to excellence at the service of quality.

As a fundamental asset for good living, the canton of Vaud features research and innovation centres, incubators, colleges, and a health care network.

  • Vaud offers a truly stimulating innovation hub by bringing together and connecting universities, colleges, research centres, investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • The canton of Vaud is sometimes referred to as “Health Valley” because of its University Hospital Centre (CHUV), which ranks as the world’s 11th best hospital, and the top-level specialists active in and around it. The canton is therefore in a position to offer you a variety of treatments ranging from advanced medical care to rest cures, which guarantee better physical and mental health.

Being nurtured with joy and enthusiasm, Vaudois excellence owes nothing to chance.

Why choose between good living and good life? Good question. Indeed, to experience the canton of Vaud is to explore a way of life and state of mind that makes all the difference.

  • Vaud offers you a date with a stimulating collective energy, a connected network of talents as well as an economic and intellectual abundance that will make all the difference for each of your projects.
  • Vaud is synonymous with a feeling of stability, security, and reliability that makes you want to embrace the future and find fulfilment here. Political stability, institutional efficiency, and the Vaudois spirit are all major factors.
  • Vaud strikes a perfect balance between professional opportunities and rejuvenating leisure. Each one of us, be they children, families, tourists, athletes, gourmets, entrepreneurs, researchers, may find fulfilment here.

The art of living in Vaud is an art of excelling in everything!