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Petite nature ? - Musée du Léman

From 05 Apr 2022 To 10 Jan 2025
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New permanent exhibition "Petite nature" and presentation of an exceptional stained glass window at the Musée du Léman.

"Petite Nature?" exhibition
36 questions to decode the lake

Can the lake overflow? Is its water too clean? Can you find jellyfish, seaweed, petrol or pearls?

Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Western Europe, is omnipresent in the daily lives of its residents. You can swim, fish, walk along it or cross it, admire it, and draw 80 billion litres of water every year. But do we know its true nature?

This exhibition reveals some of the secrets of Lake Geneva: its origins, how it works, the lives of its inhabitants with feathers, scales or leaves. It crosses time to better project us into the future of this lake which, despite its strength, remains vulnerable to climate change and human behaviour.

Stained glass window with view of the lake

After lighting a street in Morges for more than a century, an exceptional stained glass window is beginning its new life in Nyon. The house that housed it had to be demolished, so the Richard family gave it to the Lake Geneva Museum.

Installed on the second floor of the museum, this stained glass window fits perfectly into the Petite Nature exhibition. There is a view of the lake with plants and water birds. An interpretation table allows children and adults alike to discover all its richness.

Petite nature - Musée du Léman

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